The magic of filmmaking
starts with the right director.

Spacebar films is a full-service video production company based in Singapore that’s committed to making that connection through our network of award-winning international film directors.

Once the match is made, our producers will be in touch to start pre-production. The directors will then either be flown to the location or direct filming virtually. Our studio suites are fully equipped with DaVinci Resolve for post-production including offline and online editing, visual effects, motion graphics, and color grading.

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Got a query about our videography services in Singapore/Asia? Need a fresh video to market your brand? Or just to say Hello! We’ll get back to ya, after the shoot of course!

Let’s Talk About Your Project

Get in touch with our team of Directors and Producers today to discuss your upcoming project. Whether you’re in the planning stages or ready to get started right away, we’re on hand to help.

Let’s Talk About Your Idea

With our home base in Singapore and regional offices in Shanghai and Manila, we are well placed to help serve all your production needs in Asia. Our directors and filming partners are all over the world, giving us a creative cinematographic approach with an international perspective.

Let’s Talk About Your Content

Conceptualization and writing are the first steps to any successful video. As a bespoke director agency in Asia, we are here to help transform ideas into scripts tailor-made for your brand message.

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