Daniel Yam

Daniel Yam is an award-winning filmmaker who loves to take his audience on a journey to discover the beauty of humanity. Often heart warming and sentimental, his work champions the human spirit. His works have been seen by more than 250 million viewers worldwide.

One of his short films, “Gift”, won the hearts of over 25 million viewers worldwide on various online platforms. “Gift” has since been screened around the world at numerous international film festivals, winning many awards such as Best Story, Best Newcomer, Best International Film, Best Director and Best Editing at the World Film Awards.

His short films for the Singapore Housing Development Board, “Promise” and “Promise II” were commended by Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Facebook and has garnered thousands of views. Another of his recent short films, “Ripple”, has also earned more than 250 million views worldwide.


LTA - Journey
The Story that Changed the World (mm2 Short Film – A Tribute to the Local Movie Industry)
Promise (Short Film for HDB - Celebrates 50 years of Home Ownership)
Promise II (Short Film for HDB)
Rise (Short film for Community Chest that imparts value of Care and Share)
One at a time