Martti Helde

Martti Helde was born in Estonia on August 23, 1987 in Rootsi village. When in secondary school, Martti studied painting and composition at the local art school and was actively involved with school theatre.
After graduating the high school with the Award of Merit in 2006 Martti immediately started his Bachelor degree studies in film directing at the Tallinn University Baltic Film and Media School. After the film school Martti turned his interest towards Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre(Higher Drama School) to acquire a Master degree in stage directing. Additional to the university studies Helde has also refined himself in screenwriting, dramaturgy and directing actors via completing various workshops in Berlin, Ankara, Los Angeles and London.

Under Martti’s direction, several short films and commercial campaigns have been made. His first feature-length period drama ‘’In the Crosswind’’ completed in 2014 received a wide resonance in international media and was awarded the Best Film by the Estonian Film Journalist Union (member of FIPRESCI). That same year in September the film was selected for the international Toronto Film Festival, making ‘’In the Crosswind’’ the first Estonian film included in the festival’s main program. To this day Martti Helde’s ‘’In the Crosswind’’ has been screened in film festivals across the globe and won numerous awards.

Martti Helde is a highly valued young author for his daring ideas and innovative approach to the form and film language. His creative handwriting is characterised by tying together complex and diverse mediums; as well as Helde’s passion to play with the dramaturgy and form. Martti Helde’s professional devotion carries through both film and theatre, making his creations bold and remarkable.

Recognitions and Awards

2015 Beijing International Film Festival Best Director award for ‘’In the Crosswind’’

2015 Annual Cultural Achievment Award of the Republic of Estonia

2015 Cultural Endowment Audiovisual Foundation Annual Award for ‘’In the Crosswind’’

2015 Göteborg International Film Festival Best feature film Audience Choice award for ‘’In the Crosswind’’

2015 JCI Estonia Rapla county award ‘’Remarkable Young Estonian’’ 2014

2015 Estonian Film Journalist Union Award ‘’Neitsi Maali’’ Best Estonian Film 2014

2014 Angers International Film Festival Jury Special Mention for ‘’In the Crosswind’’

2014 Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival Best Estonian Film, Best Cinematography in the International programme and Don Quijote Award for ‘’In the Crosswind’’

2014 Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival Special Mention by the Jury of Cinema Owners for ‘’In the Crosswind’’

2014 Thessaloniki International Film Festival Artistic Achievement Award for ‘’In the Crosswind’’

2014 Warssaw International Film festival Ecumenical Jury Award for ‘’In the Crosswind’’

2012 Kaljo Kiisa Young Filmmaker’s Award

2010 NH PIX Sessions (Denmark) - 25 young outstanding directors selected across the globe

2006 Merit Award - outstanding activity in Kohila, Rapla county


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