Miron Alexander

Revealing the essence of an idea and doing something with that, preferably something funny, is what Miron masters the best. Miron: 'By giving an original twist to the story, a spontaneous smile appears. That's when something happens, that's what people recognize and you create stopping power.'
He finds directing commercials the best there is: 'Getting the most out of a script in a short amount of time, is a challenge every single time. I love it.' In scripts, he wants to accentuate the story, so it becomes original, recognizable but most of all funny. 
To get there, Miron gets into the characters and has an incredible attention to detail that makes him one of the most wanted comedy-advertising directors today. He has directed more than 200 commercials from Europe to Asia and was shortlisted for Cannes Lions and has won national and international awards among the Golden and Silver Effie, Epica, Webby, and Esprix award.  
His clients include The Coca-Cola company, MTS, Viet Nam TP Bank, Carlsberg group, Toyota, Mediamarkt-Saturn, Royal Unibrew, Dacia-Renault, ING Bank, KLM Dutch Airlines, Disney, and others.


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