Nacho Clemente

Nacho Clemente

Nacho lives among lifestyle, look, cinematographic and urban style in Madrid. Born as a Creative Junior in an Advertising Agency, he moved into directing, working for clients such as CocaCola, Orange, Nike, Ford, Audi, Pepsi, and Bwin. Always moving, never still, he has evolved into social media and has achieved the perfect profile to shoot the new 360


Audi A7 What Lies Behind Christmas-HD
Bwin Real Madrid-HD
Central Lechera Asturiana Madre-HD
DGT Te Presto Mi Moto Teaser-HD
Late Motiv-HD
Nike B-boys-HD
Nike the master of Badia-1
Perfect Plan Madrid-HD
Vidal Football Bubble Gum-HD
supreme being walk proud-2