Philip Giancola

Philip Giancola is a director from Chicago, Illinois.  He's spent the last seven years creating short films, commercials, branded content, and documentaries. He enjoys them all equally and loves telling stories in the most cinematic way possible.

Initially a high school dropout, Philip went back to school once he found his passion for directing and hasn't looked back since. He has directed films in the U.S., Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan.

A fan of classic storytelling with intimate, emotional, and heartwarming performances, he became a director so he could tell meaningful stories that resonate with audiences.


Rikka Janice - -Don’t be Afraid-
Nature Inc - -Live Comfortably-
Heritage Bicycles -Joy Ride-
Philip Giancola - Narrative Directing Reel (2015)
Vamonde - ‘Every Story Has a Place’
Nasa - ‘Hidden in Stars’